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Sunday School Information

Let  the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom: teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.                         Colossians 3:16

Each Sunday at 9:45 we spend time studying God's word. Classes are designed with individual student's needs in mind. Below is a list of classes we offer.


A clean, well-staffed nursery is provided for the Sunday School hour as well as each of our regularly scheduled services. Ages birth thru 2 .

Preschool Class

This class is for ages 3 thru 5. A Bible lesson, crafts and even some play time are just some of the activities these young ones will enjoy.

Kindergarden Class

Kindergarten class fulfills the needs of the children who are just starting school. Bible lessons and just the right amount of fun time helps these children learn more as they grow to the next level in their life.

1st-2nd Grade Class

As the name implies this class is a combination of 1st and 2nd grade. Our teachers reach these children each Sunday with the truth of God's Word. As they learn to read, Bible memorization is encouraged.

3rd Grade Class

As the children's grade level increases, the needs of these children also change.  Teaching methods are adapted to meet these needs.  Media is often used during class time and Bible lessons.

4th thru 6th Grade Girls Class

These "tweens" are now looking at things in life differently than at any other time in their life. Fresh teaching takes special teachers to fulfill their needs, questions and concerns. This class helps these young girls to face challenges as they become young ladies.

4th thru 6th Grade Boys Class

Boys are naturally full of energy and questions. Our society is not a friend to our boys and girls. A straight forward approach with love and concern is necessary to teach these young men about God and what it means to be a Christian gentlemen. 

Youth 7th thru 12 Grade 

Cell phone, Facebook, Instagram, and other forms of "social media" fill the lives of our youth today. With our young people pulled in so many directions a good foundation must be built upon to help these young people as they transition into adults. A great time of interaction and teaching during class time helps them face the issues of life. See the youth ministries page for events and activities that are planned.

College and Career 

  The time right after high school  is an exciting and unique period in a young person's life.  This class is designed to reach young adults just embarking on a career or starting college.

Faith Builders Class

Faith Builders class led by Bro. Aaron Wright. This class will help you build your faith in the Lord. 

Help in discipleship for those that attend this class.

Busy lives, jobs, schooling and raising children often make  home life difficult! This class is taught by our Pastor, Patrick Dell'Aria, father of three. Practical lessons and discussions on child rearing, Christian walk, and living for Christ at home make this class a great time for all who attend.


Adult Bible Class

This class is taught by our very experienced Bible teacher, Eurshel Murphy. Each chapter in the Bible is highlighted as a Bible curriculum is followed to study God's Word book by book.

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