Reformers Unanimous Recovery Program

Recovery Without Relapse Starts Here

In this time of rampant addiction, we all know someone who uses or is affected by an addiction of some kind. Be it drugs or alcohol, pornography, gambling, anger, gaming, or whatever the addiction, one thing is certain: it is hard to stop. The Reformers Unanimous Recovery Program is not just another twelve step program. The RU works.

What is the RU?

Reformers Unanimous, or the RU, is a non-traditional addiction recovery program with proven results of 80%.

How do you have "proven results?"

Unlike the traditional Addictions Anonymous and other similar programs, RU uses a Christ-centered relationship as the foundation. The results are real.

Who runs this RU?

All of our leadership staff are recovered addicts. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, pornography, etc. They know what you’re going through.

Is there any obligation?

No! Come at your leisure with no cost!
We do believe that if you want to break this addiction you must invest in yourself. 

What if I can't drive?

We currently run a van for pickup on Friday nights. If you need transportation please call (937) 619-8404